How to Get A Rich Man to Spoil You

Who doesn't want to feel like a queen right? And besides, these days one of our most important requirements for a man is for him to be loaded.

I mean, as women, we shouldn't feel sorry for having high standards. We want our every need met and we want comfortable and worry-free lives. We often look at women who are spoiled by their boyfriends or husbands and we can't help but get jealous because they're living the life and here's how you can do the same for you.

Make Him Feel Like a Man

Don't do anything that will emasculate your guy. He needs a constant ego boost so he can feel like a king and when he knows he is a king, he has no choice but to treat you like a queen. Play the ego game and make him feel like he is the most valuable man alive.

This is essentially positive reinforcement. Every time he spoils you, make him feel better and thank him so much that he feels so powerful for adding value to your life. And before you know it, every time he needs an ego boost, he is going to take you to a luxurious shopping spree.

Offer Something in Return

Well, at this point, it could be possible that you aren't as loaded as him so you won't be able to offer anything in return, monetarily at least. But, there are a lot of valuable things you can put to the table that will make him spoil you.

Did you know that rich men like looking for wives that are great investments? The mere fact that you have great business ideas can push your man to invest on you. The reality is a lot of rich men are rich because they're employed and hold upper class positions in their corporations. But they can't really make their money grow and you can do that for them.

Aside from that, be willing to be a trophy girl. This will motivate them to spend for you so you can look good and they can prance you around like a reward which isn't a bad thing actually because it will also make you feel good.

Don't Throw Tantrums

Is there something you want that is more valuable that the usual things that you're getting? Well, be patient. Throwing a tantrum is going to make your partner feel appalled and it isn't going to speed up the process.

Always be at your best and act like you're cool even if you're getting impatient. Your bad girl mode should only be turned on under the sheets. Other than that, always be a good girl and work for you what you while you wait for him to overflow you with other stuff.

This means that you can't be lazy. If you show your man that you're relying on him 100% to just provide for you, he is going to be demotivated to spoil you. You got to at least get up everyday and act busy!


It's really not that complicated. The most important thing you need to remember here is to be reasonable. If he really can't afford it, don't force him and put him in debt just to make a purchase. Just break up with him and look for someone else - that would be beneficial for the both of you.

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