What is an ideal secret arrangement for a sugar baby?

Though top business executives, wealthy business owners and professionals make plenty of money, they usually lead very stressful lives.

Though top business executives, wealthy business owners and professionals make plenty of money, they usually lead very stressful lives. High stress levels can adversely affect the appearance and health of a person, so it is necessary to relax. Hence these wealthy men are interested in spending time in the company of beautiful young women who will make them happy. It is usually difficult for older persons to find good looking women through dating websites, so increasingly wealthy older men, the sugar daddies are using sugar-daddy websites to find young women, sugar babies eager to please them. The wealthy sugar daddy is expected to compensate the sugar baby for the time and effort she makes to please him. Both sugar daddies as well as sugar babies would like to find out what types of secret arrangements are ideal for a sugar baby, and some of the options are discussed.


Sugar babies usually meet several sugar daddies before entering a long term relationship. Often the sugar baby will meet the sugar daddy only once especially if the sugar daddy is visiting the area for a short period of time. In this case, the sugar daddy will often compensate the sugar baby paying cash. Typically the sugar baby is paid $500 for a few hours time with the sugar daddy in the United states. Some of the more beautiful sugar babies will meet the sugar daddy only after they receive the payment in the specified account, while in other cases, the sugar babies are less demanding


Often sugar babies have arrangements with their sugar daddies wherein they agree to meet the sugar daddy a few times a week or month. Since the sugar daddy is wealthy, he usually has a very busy schedule and less free time to meet the sugar daddy. The compensation will also depend on how often the sugar daddy is meeting the sugar baby. If the sugar baby is meeting the sugar daddy twice or thrice a week, he will often pay more $2500 a month. In case the sugar daddy-sugar baby meetings are held only a few times a month, the compensation is usually less $1500 a month. In these cases, the sugar baby may be having several sugar daddies.

Other compensation

Often, in addition to financial help, sugar daddies will compensate their sugar babies in other ways giving them expensive gifts like designer clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery, bags and watches. They will also treat them to dinners and stay in luxury hotels. Additionally the sugar daddy will often travel with his sugar baby to exotic locations for holidays, paying all the expenses for his sugar baby. Sugar babies who are students find that their sugar daddy will pay all their college expenses including tuition fee, so that she can graduate debt free. In other cases, the sugar daddy may pay rent.

Career help

One of the reasons why a large number of young women are looking for sugar daddies is because of the business insights, career help and mentorship which they can provide. Most of the sugar daddies are successful and wealthy, so they can give the right advice and assistance to their favorite sugar baby.

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